Party Bus Rentals Seminole Heights, FL

Seminole Heights is a lively neighborhood located north of Downtown Tampa, Florida, known for its unique character, cultural diversity, and an abundance of charming local establishments.

Maximize your Tampa adventure with Party Shuttle Seminole Heights, where the journey itself is an exciting part of the experience. Our state-of-the-art party buses come in various sizes and can transport your guests with entertainment to and from destinations throughout the region. Equipped with incredible amenities such as 4000W audio systems, onboard bars, 4k Smart TVs, WiFi, and more, our party buses ensure an unforgettable journey.

Whether it's a wedding, bachelorette party, night out, birthday celebration, or corporate gathering, our fleet is ready to meet your needs. With hundreds of 5-star Google reviews, trust us to make your occasion special. Booking your party bus is quick and straightforward. Click on the 'Booking' tab, input your itinerary, select your preferred party bus, and confirm with just a 25% deposit to secure your dream vehicle. Hurry, as our party buses are in high demand and often booked months in advance for select dates!

Here are a few fantastic spots to consider visiting on a Party Bus in and around Seminole Heights:



Experience culinary delight at Ulele, where local ingredients are transformed into a unique farm-to-table dining experience.

The Refinery:

Embark on a gastronomic journey at The Refinery, renowned for its innovative American cuisine crafted from locally sourced, fresh ingredients.

Rooster & the Till:

Delight your palate at Rooster & the Till, an intimate eatery celebrated for its chef-driven dishes and creative culinary offerings.

Ichicoro Ane:

Immerse yourself in a modern take on ramen and Japanese izakaya-style dining at Ichicoro Ane—a trendy spot known for its innovative cuisine.

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Discover the unique atmosphere at Velvet_Gypsy_SH, offering a blend of entertainment and delightful beverages.

Florida Avenue Brewing:

Indulge in the craft beer culture at Florida Avenue Brewing, where a wide selection of finely brewed beers awaits.

The Independent Bar and Café:

Unwind at The Independent Bar and Café, a cozy establishment boasting an extensive beer selection and a laid-back ambiance.

Mandarin Heights:

Enjoy the vibrant and stylish vibe of Mandarin Heights, a hip neighborhood bar offering craft cocktails and more.

The Jug and Bottle Dept:

For beer enthusiasts, The Jug and Bottle Dept. is the perfect spot, offering a range of craft beers in a welcoming environment.

M Bird:

Experience the unique ambiance and offerings at M Bird, a destination that combines entertainment and refreshments for a memorable time.

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Other Notable Places to Go in Seminole Heights


Explore YBOR, a historical strip featuring multi-level bars and Latino restaurants, offering a taste of rich culture and vibrant nightlife.

Seminole Heights Garden Center:

Take a leisurely stroll or attend events at the Seminole Heights Garden Center—a picturesque destination that celebrates nature.

The Mermaid Tavern:

Join the locals' favorite spot, The Mermaid Tavern, known for its craft beer, fine wines, and inviting atmosphere—perfect for unwinding.

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Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of Seminole Heights and its surrounding areas. Explore local gems and revel in the vibrant nightlife. Whatever your event, and wherever you want to go—we can make it happen! Party Shuttle guarantees a fantastic time, whether handling your occasion within Seminole Heights or departing from there.

Simply click on the 'Booking' tab, input your itinerary, and secure your dream party bus in just a few minutes! For any questions, please call (727) 899-1100 during regular business hours or email us anytime at We look forward to having you on board with Party Shuttle!

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